Mike Daly, aka Flounder, has been the voice of Southern California Rock radio for over 15 years. Predominantly on Active Rock but also dipped his fins in NewsTalk, Sports & CHR. From Singapore to Baltimore, producers love his style of read, the clever adlibs & the great turnaround time. As worldwide affiliates of ReelWorld’s Production Vault Rock have come to find, his attitude is entertaining, infectious & appealing. Does all that sound too good to be true? Check out what these other incredibly intelligent people have to say about their favorite fish.

“Not just a killer effin voice but one of the best, most insightful and talented actors you’ll have on your station. Flounder is your creative wingman. Just turn him loose & watch what happens.” 

-Brian Lee (voice guy not as good as Flounder)

“Not only is Flounder a mind blowing writer and producer but his VO is right on… and delivered at breakneck speed. Many times I’ve sent copy, popped out to drop a deuce, and returned to find the tracks were ALREADY ready. Dude’s got some serious skillz!” 

–Jamie Schmidheiser Creative Services Director 98 Rock & 1090 WBAL Baltimore

“You sound wonderful, honey but I wish that station wouldn’t play such awful crap!” 

–Flounder’s Mom :/


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